New Life Believers Church - 9321 South Cottage Grove Ave. - Chicago, IL 60619
New Life Believers Church also known as New Covenant Life Church was founded by the late Apostle Jo Ann (Allen) Long, based in Chicago, IL, and began with her 3 children Tim, Kim Alyssa, ( 3 fold cord is not easily broken), and 5 members in her living room; After being in ministry for 24 years with her first husband the late Reverend L. Tracy Allen and founded their first television show in Canada "Soul Set Free." Since New Life Believers inception and dedication in March 1987, it grew in numbers under the leadership of Apostle Jo Ann (Allen) Long and moved from her living room to 1 Church in 2 locations proclaiming Jesus, the Christ, as the head of the Church and God’s Word Manifested.

Apostle Jo Ann (Allen) Long served faithfully for 28 years as Senior Pastor of New Life Believers while she sat on several boards locally and internationally, the Idahosa University in Lagos/Benin City, Nigeria, the Hilliard Vocational Bible Institute in Houston TX, Advisory Board FOX/Chicago TV, Clergy Advisory Board to Illinois Governor and Commissioner of the 21st Century Infrastructure of City Government. 

Apostle Jo Ann (Allen) Long was a renowned leading expert in transforming lives, marriage and family in media, through radio and television with, "God's Word For Today," “Let’s Talk About Love, Marriage & Family,” and “Pathway 2 Fulfillment.” Founder and CEO of Urban Love Community Development 501c3 her outreach included Project Love, Chili & Coats and Soup & Socks for people to fill LOVE, cozy on the inside and warm on the outside.

Apostle (Allen) Long, not only served her church but was a Pastor and covering for churches in Kansas City, St. Louis & Minnesota; Apostle Jo Ann (Allen) Long was always grateful thankful for the training and mentorship she received from her pastors and covering Bishop I.V. Hilliard & Pastor Bridgett Hilliard of New Light Church, Houston, TX in the AIM (Association of Independent Ministers) Organization ,who she served faithfully for over 15 years.

The Legacy continues…Apostle Jo Ann (Allen) Long always envisioned her 3 children in ministry together as a triple threat with Life, Love & Light. She believe as for me and my house we will serve the Lord; her children their spouse and seed all serve in ministry together. Before Apostle (Allen) Long’s advancement and transition in November 2016 she mentored and trained along with Bishop I.V. Hilliard, her daughter and now Lead Pastor of New Life Believers, Pastor Kim. Pastor Kim was installed as Lead Pastor of New Life Believers by her “grands” Bishop I.V. & Pastor Bridget Hilliard of New Light Church, Houston, TX in March 2016. 

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